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  • Hinduism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka (Feb 2021)
  • Let’s make our country as a better place to live in the world (Mar 2020)
  • Next Generation Suffers in Silence (May 2017)
  • Positive Mind-Set, War of Words and Political Innovation (Jul 2016)
  • Building Sri Lankan Identity while enjoying the Diversity (May 2013)
  • View on ethnic conflict in Sri Lankan and related factors (Nov 2009)
  • Understanding of the Ethnic Problem in Our Country as Ordinary man and Victim of the war from the North (July 2004)
  • High Security Zone and Related Issues (May 2003)

  • Thinking just after Mullivaikkal memorial in Jaffna University was destroyed in Jan 2021

    Thinking during Aug 2020 parliamentary election.