Radio mobile communication

My main technology areas of interest are:
  • Mobile Communication Technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and Beyond) in general
  • Wireless/Radio network architecture and protocol (radio resource management, mobility management, RLC, MAC, Air-Interface)
  • Radio network design, dimensioning and optimisation
  • Radio network optimisation algorithm development
  • Some of the technology concepts related to my work or interest are give below

    Mobile Network Use cases/ Services

    Mobile Network Requirements

    From White Paper on 5G Evolution and 6G by NTT DOCOMO, INC. in January 2020

    • Massive MIMO for macro and small cells
    • Millimetre wave technologies
    • M2M -> device centric architecture
    • Dense small cell deployment
      • Small cell cooperation ( to reduce interference)
      • Hypercellular architecture: separation of control and user planes
    • Network virtualisation
      • Core network: SDN
      • Access network: C-RAN
      • Backhaul network: flexible backhauling, combination of wired and wireless
    • Network Slicing
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) based services
    • Edge computing
    • Quantum computing
    • Optical wireless communication
    • Hybrid access
    • Tactile services
    • Satellite Communication

    Mobile Network Architecture


    Mobile Network Components

    Cellular Network Coverage & Capacity Planning & Optimisation

    Mobile Network Design, Build and maintenance processes